Saturday, May 31, 2008

And my point is proven.

My "thongs, crop-tops, sexiness and feminism" article sparked the interest of some feminist trolls that decided to come over this way in order to badmouth me for promoting a certain "internalized image of an acceptable female form", because I mentioned that the hardline feminists don't care at all about their bodies, health and appearance, because everything that can be considered cosmetic is "misogynistic".

The hate-mail I received from those self-proclaimed authorities of women's rights proves my point exactly: that they are only good at being pedantic and shoving their own rules and ideas down everyone's throats. As if the fashion industry with its waif-like, cocaine-snorting ideals wasn't enough, we have the other extreme, that of the hardline feminists. How are women supposed to be balanced individuals then? We are taught to hate ourselves. The fashion industry keeps telling us we're too fat. The hardline feminists tell us that every sign of sexuality, desire and beauty is "misogynistic" and "chauvinistic". Hardline monotheist religion practitioners tell us that sexuality, beauty and desire is a sin - and they also tell us, with the tale of Adam and Eve, that all that's wrong with the world is the women's fault.

I'm tired of all this. Naturally, no comments from any of these people will be approved in this blog. I've really had enough of the "orderers-about"; I've had enough of those people, whatever they are, whose only purpose in life is to run other people's lives. Thus, I'm not going to give them a chance to spew their misanthropic stuff HERE. I don't hate men, I don't hate other people, and I'm not going to allow their hate to seep through my blog. Not now, not tomorrow, not EVER.-



erico said...

unfortunately, I typed a long comment that disappeared because I didn't have a google identity. Here is something:
I am glad I found your blog. I like your straightforward honesty. I have always liked wearing bikinis and now own several microkinis.
2009 will be the year I wear them in public. Although I will be 57 this year I think I am still attractive at 6'2" and 175 lbs. I have the confidence, mostly, but I do struggle with how far outside the mainstream this is. As a man the acceptable and "always" adhered to uniform on the beach is weird shorts.
I am encouraged by your attitude. As a single straight male I wonder how many women would see me as straight and attractive.
thank you

Danae Microkini said...

Erico, while a person's appearance does indeed play a significant role in his or her attractiveness, it's more of a matter of self-confidence. As long as you're at peace with yourself, you're more likely to be attractive to others than you'd be if you were acting all coy and self-conscious. You have to WEAR your clothes (whatever they are), not have the clothes wear you.