Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Colleen Kelly Lace Winged One-Piece microkini

I've been wearing thongs since I was 20. I've always loved their look and feel. Plus, I've always thought that I should show off my body while it looks good. As microkinis (also called micro bikinis) started to become more popular and widespread, my interest in them grew. However, for various reasons, I kept postponing the purchase of any swimsuit of this kind. Last summer, I took the plunge and ordered - among quite a few other microkinis from various companies - the "lace winged one-piece" microkini from Colleen Kelly (it's item #1311 in the "Sexier" category of their 2007 collection).

In the late 1990s, Colleen Kelly, before starting her swimwear business, competed in various bikini contests in South Florida. In bikini contests, the design of the bikini goes a long way to determining whether the model will win or not. However, as most of those swimsuits were custom-made, the cost of obtaining and maintaining a comprehensive collection was high. So, she started making her own designs and, gradually, her interest shifted to making sure that other models wore her products. Over time, her suits were used in photoshoots for magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, Flex, FHM, Stuff and Ironman.

As you can see from the attached photo at the company's website, it's Y-shaped and it looks like a very sexy teddy.

Beautiful, isn't it? However, what the photo doesn't show is that the fabric (lace) doesn't leave much to the imagination. Really, it's almost sheer. This doesn't show that much on the photo, because it seems to have had its contrast boosted. In reality, the colors are somewhat lighter. Also, those ordering from outside the US should keep in mind that shipping costs aren't included in the price and they're not particularly low.

Now, really, this lace fabric lends itself much better to lingerie, not swimwear. How on earth was I going to show up on a crowded beach in a practically see-through swimsuit? Also, the fitting was a bit loose. Every time I moved, my nipples slipped out of the top part and the lace strap down the middle made sure that, "down there", there would be plenty of "happy accidents".

What was I thinking? Unlike the thongs I'd been wearing on the beach until that day, this one clearly didn't want to stay in place; as my best friend put it, "these are for the insane, not just the uninhibited". But we both agreed it's seriously sexy. For herself, she had bought a few bikini sets from Alphamoda (I'll write about them later, as I've used them too) and we decided to strut our stuff together in our new microkinis.

If you think it takes courage to don a thong and wear it on the beach, wait till you try a microkini: not only is coverage absolutely minimal, but several of them - such as this particular design - have a mind of their own and won't stay in place, inadvertently (?) revealing what they're supposed to cover. You see, many microkinis haven't really been designed as garments, but as photoshoot props. Such is the case with this one. Also, keep in mind that models and photographers make sure that the swimsuits stay put by using a special spray called "Bikini Bite".

Unfortunately, I found out about "Bikini Bite" when it was already too late. Then again, the exhibitionist in me prevailed and I decided to live with the suit's idiosyncracies, accepting them as features of the design and proudly go to the beach and do anything I'd normally do without bothering if I suddenly became partially uncovered. This is definitely not the easiest thing to do, because you have to have incredible self-confidence and be at ease with your body.

Anyway, that's what I did - and there were many "happy accidents". As you can guess, the guys couldn't take their eyes off of me and my friend, and I swear I could hear jealous girls hissing. A couple actually left the beach as the guy's eyes strayed our way, much to his lady's chagrin... And, of course, while swimming, my breasts became bare. Then came a rather nasty surprise. The lace fabric doesn't take kindly to being used in the sea. Actually, after five uses on the beach (with swimming and tanning), the suit sarted looking tatty and threadbare if you came too near and, sadly, it won't be used this summer. I must admit, though, that I had tons of fun wearing it and that all those "happy accidents" aren't always a bad thing.

Would I buy again from Colleen Kelly? Well, yes. But this time, I'd go for a different, better suited to swimwear, fabric. Their service was quick, the suit looked lovely - although it wasn't designed with practicality in mind - and I had a great time wearing it.


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