Thursday, May 22, 2008

Men in thongs, g-strings and microkinis? Yes, please!

This is certainly something many people wouldn't expect. I often hear other women say "OK, I might wear a thong on the beach - a secluded one, of course - , but I don't want my boyfriend to wear one". When I ask them why, they start the same old rhetoric I'm really getting tired of: "oh, come on, thongs are for queers" or "don't you think a thong is a bit too much for a guy?" etc. Now, I know that the mere thought of a guy in a thong might be enough to make certain people hurl. Well, I have news for you: it's those idiotic dork shorts that generally make me hurl. First of all, they're entirely impractical. How men can swim in these brake-chutes that get filled with water and impede swimming is beyond me. These things are downright dangerous, because they make swimming require far greater effort than it should. Then there's the other thing: I just plain love seeing a man's body. Men's bodies are beautiful and I love seeing them.

Of course, it goes without saying that the man should look reasonably good and have the kind of self-confidence that'll allow him to strut his stuff in a thong, a g-string or a microkini. Also, I've had enough of the "thongs are for fags" stuff. Get real: there's no kind of clothing that is specific or exclusive to any sexual preference. I've seen many gay men in dork shorts and at least half the male thongers and microkini wearers I've seen are straight. And don't forget the gay men working in corporate positions and wear ties and suits. Are we to say that ties and suits are gay? No, not at all. Then, understand that wearing thongs, g-strings and microkinis doesn't make a guy gay, just as the same swimwear preference doesn't make a woman a slut or a prostitute. Enough with the crappy stereotypes already!

Besides, the thongs, g-strings and microkinis we now know and love aren't really a new invention: they have their roots in garments worn by people all over the Earth thousands of years ago and, what's more, they were worn almost exclusively by men. So, it's not like we're talking about a recent "fad". Another advantage of thongs, g-strings and microkinis is the maximization of the tanning area. Personally, I sunbathe mostly topless; I also swim that way quite frequently. I don't like tan lines on me or on others; they're ugly and they're a sign that the person featuring them is too self-conscious, too shy and/or hasn't come to terms with his or her body. So, I prefer my guy to have an all-over tan. Do thongs do away with tan lines? Not entirely. They minimize them greatly, but they don't completely remove them. G-strings are a much better bet. And the best of all in this department are, of course, microkinis, which cover just the bare essentials.

"But", I hear someone say, "aren't microkinis and g-strings a bit too risque?". Well, there are those people who think thongs, g-strings and microkinis are risque. On the other hand, there are also sexy people with nice bodies and self-confidence. ;-)



Pete01 said...

Great post - as a 49 year old male about to leave for 2 week sunning at plaka, naxos island, it is great to see some support from a local girl ! Plaka is clothes optional, so I will probably go nude some of the time, otherwise all I intend to wear are some very small g-strings from Dore and Intersparta.

What do you mean by 'micorkinis' for men ? - a basic g-string that just covers everything may be regarded as a microkini or do you mean something even more revealing ? What do you think could be regarded as too small in the case of a man's thong/g-string ?

All the best

neoinileias said...
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Danae Microkini said...

Pete, microkinis can be considered to be very small thongs and g-strings that cover only the bare essentials: have a look at the more revealing styles from Dore, Tendenze, Alphamoda etc.

I wish you a great vacation in Naxos. It's a really beautiful island.

Carioca said...

Hi- great to find a microkinis blog! Like pete01 I've been a devotee of microkinis for years and have many Dore's and a couple alphamodas. Fantastic to find a woman who likes tiny swimwear on men! Though I've never worn a thong or g-string on the beach I've worn plenty of very small bikini styles and would love to find a beach where there are like minded people and especially women! Keep up the good work and blog on microkinis. Where can we see fotos of you Danae?? beijos

Danae Microkini said...

Carioca, I'm really not particularly keen on filling the web with my photos, mostly because this blog isn't about me strutting my stuff, but about microkinis; it's about discussing microkinis, debunking some myths about them, talking about travel destinations etc.

Occasionally, you might see some processed (for privacy reasons) photos of mine on this blog, other than the processed photo on my blog profile, but I'm not a professional or even semi-professional model and don't intend to use my appearance to attract more visitors. I prefer my texts to be the attraction to this blog.

roninhocarioca said...

OK - understood.
It's just so good to find such a blog as this where microkini enthusiasts can speak openly about this wonderful garment.
I bet there are thousands of devotees out there. Wouldn't ti be fantastic if there was a microkini designated beach or a microkini day when all microkini wearers could go to the beach and meet fellow wearers. - who knows maybe one day....

Danae Microkini said...

Why should there be a specific day for microkini wearers going to the beach? And why should there be a specific microkini beach? Do we need to be pigeonholed, become pariahs and end up locking ourselves up in some kind of a ghetto?

This is not the way to go. We should promote microkinis as a mainstream swimwear choice; that's the only way to make sure that a man wearing a microkini won't be labeled as a homosexual and a woman wearing a microkini won't be called a slut.

Really, what we need is not a "microkinis only" beach or a "microkini wearers only" day on the beach. We need to change the anti-thong mentality and the idiotic anti-thong legislation.