Friday, May 23, 2008

Perivolos beach, Santorini

Let's talk beaches, shall we? Now, I understand that thong-friendly beaches aren't in abundance in the US and even some exotic destinations have legislations that don't really encourage thonging, much less going on the beach in a microkini. Here, however, it's an entirely different story. A woman here can actually go topless on most beaches; the only "no toplessness allowed" beach I know of is the beach of Loutro, a small village in the south of Crete that you can access only by footpaths (the E4 path, most famously) or boat. Really, on the vast majority of beaches here in Greece, you can sunbathe and swim topless, wear a thong, a g-string or even a microkini; it's not just for the Paradise and Super Paradise beaches in Mykonos. My first outing in my CK lace winged one-piece microkini was on Agia Marina beach in Chania, at the noisy and overcrowded Ammos & Ilios (Sand & Sun) beach bar, as a matter of fact and I've worn my microkinis pretty much everywhere ever since, just as I've been doing before, when my swimsuits were more conservative thongs and g-strings.

Perivolos is a large beach on the south side of Santorini, about 3km from Perissa. Easily accessible by bus or car, there are plenty of beach bars there and - thankfully - they're not as noisy as they are in other places. Some of the beach bars are really upmarket, mind you. There are some good taverns and restaurants nearby. As Perivolos, Agios Georgios and Perissa beaches don't have boundaries between them, you can choose to walk the entire beach area if you wish. Perivolos is often referred to as "The Black Beach", because of its black volcanic pebbles. I know most people are used to the sand, but this kind of fine pebble still feels good to walk on and it doesn't get muddy or stick to your body like fine-grained sand does. The waters are crystal clear and very clean.

As you'd expect from a Greek beach, thonging is A-OK there. No one will bother you or give you a hard time for wearing a thong, g-string or microkini. The fact that the music from the beach bars isn't excessively loud means that you can actually relax on the beach and it seems that overcrowding is something that just can't happen here. However, the road by the beach is narrow and parking spaces are relatively few, which can lead to some small traffic jams nearby.

During my stay in Santorini, Perivolos was one of my two favorite beaches. I really loved swimming there and the laid-back atmosphere created by the friendliness of the staff at the beach bars really helped a lot. Very, very highly recommended. BTW, my profile pic was taken on Perivolos. The photo provided in the article taken from, a website that specializes in providing information on the Greek islands.


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