Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What on earth are microkinis, anyway?

OK, so you've read my welcoming post and you're wondering what microkinis are. As the name implies, they're really, really skimpy bikinis. In fact, they're as skimpy as they come. Microkinis are a breed of micro bikinis for men and women that are designed so that they cover only the barest of the bare essentials. Actually, they're so skimpy that they easily make the sexy thongs on sale in high-street swimwear and lingerie stores look downright conservative.

What? Microkinis for men? Oh yes, indeed. They're extremely tiny versions of thongs and g-strings that bear more than a passing resemblance to the garments worn by "primitive" tribes throughout the world - and you'd be surprised by their variety.

The term "microkini" was coined in 1995 by a female member of the now-defunct Microkinis forum to describe the ultra-minimalist swimwear provided by a (then) small number of businesses, most of them home-based. But how did microkinis emerge? Sometime in the '70s, nudism was banned on the popular Venice Beach in California. This led beachgoers to come up with a way of "tricking" the new regulations: they started making their own skimpy swimwear using leftover fabrics sewn together with twine or even fishing line.

Sometime in 1975, a local bikini shop addressed the market niche created by the first microkini wearers (although that term still hadn't been coined) and their makeshift swimsuits, by launching the first line of properly-made micro swimwear. These swimsuits caught the eye of various adult film actresses and actors, who started using them in their films; also, various men's and fitness magazines started using them in their photoshoots, and in increasingly revealing and extravagant forms. Thus, this new swimwear genre began to gain popularity. Nowadays, there are plenty of manufacturers, most of them with web-based businesses, providing almost every kind of microkini you can think of, including designs that, instead of providing even that tiny coverage that you would expect to see, do their best to display and expose the wearer's assets in all their glory - these are sometimes called "display suits" or "exposure suits" - and the prices are usually very attractive.

Microkinis are a must for every man or woman confident and uninhibited enough; they are incredibly sexy; they provide just the minimum coverage provided by most beach regulations - this makes them the best solution for an all-over tan without having to go to a nude beach. They adorn their wearer's body in a fanstastic and very flattering manner; for your trips to exotic destinations in tropical and/or suptropical regions, where you and your significant other will go to have the time of your life, they are the most erotic garments you can wear. And, if you're feeling particularly naughty, you can don an "exposure suit" that covers nothing at all and tantalize your lover.

In my blog, I provide an extensive list of links to microkini manufacturers' e-shops. Use and peruse them for your pleasure - and your lover's... And remember:

Microkinis are skimpy, sexy, erotic, raunchy, crazy... But, above all, they're FUN!



Joyful said...

Hehe...a microkini post really merits the inclusion of photos (for hilarity, not salaciousness).

Danae Microkini said...

You've really, really got the wrong idea; photos of microkinis and people in microkinis have nothing to do with hilarity or salaciousness. A true microkini enthusiast is NOT a showoff or a laughing stock or anything like that.

People choose to wear microkinis because they've got self-confidence, because they like their bodies and are proud of them; they don't mind wearing the smallest swimsuits on the planet, because they know that this will not only rid them of the dreaded tanline (and tanlines aren't sexy or beautiful at all), but also will look good on them.