Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alphamoda "Antiparos" bottom and "Milos" top

I'll admit that Alphamoda is perhaps my favorite microkini manufacturer, for reasons I have already explained. When you get a great range of options, good quality and really good service at prices that won't break the bank, you just can't complain.

Now, the designs I am reviewing are from last year's buying spree; it's a microkini set I put together using the "Antiparos" microkini bottom and the "Milos" top. The Antiparos is a really sexy design that has recently inspired's designers and, as is the case with all of Alphamoda's designs, you can select from a range of different backstyles and you can also decide what color the straps will be. Regarding the backstyles, you can choose from the entire range of Alphamoda's backstyles, depending on how conservative or revealing you want the rear part to be. I chose a "triangle" back, which is basically a very narrow thong. Due to the nature of this design, tie-side straps are not available.

It's an incredibly sexy little number that turns heads and gets people talking no matter where you turn up wearing it. Like all Alphamoda's designs, it's unlined, so it really clings very well to your skin and dries fast after you get out of the water. Keep in mind, though, that the lack of lining non-shiny (matt) light colors get rather sheer when wet. This means that you do need to think about hair removal down there; I personally laser everything from the neck down: wax is generally effective and so is electrolysis, but both can be painful (actually, wax is painful) - another stopgap measure is one of Braun's hair removal devices, but those do hurt a bit too, because what they do is pluck the hairs away. If you don't want your suit to turn sheer when wet, either go for a darker color or, if the color must be light, go for the shiny option, which, however, has a smaller range of colors. It doesn't cost more, looks fantastic and is just as durable and well-fitting. I really recommend dishing out the extra €0.80 and buying it with metal rings, as they look gorgeous with it and enhance its appearance. There's another gotcha with the lighter colors, caused by the lack of lining: it's NOT for "those days of the month". But then again, why would you swim at such a time?

Other than the photos on Alphamoda's order forms, I'm giving you another photo, which shows a model wearing the "Antiparos", but not with the "Milos" - her top is the "Naxos".

Now, for the top: Although triangle tops are considered de riguer, I've already got plenty of them and wanted a change. So, I opted for the "Milos", which is a small bandeau top (note that the white fabric is a bit sheer even when dry) and flatters women with a moderate or large bra size. It also comes with an additional strap that you can use as you can see in the pictures. Although I haven't felt the need to use the strap, it's practical - and the top is really practical, too. You can wear it pretty much everywhere, even when out on the town - the fact that it's Alphamoda's most "conservative" top design helps here quite a bit.

On both pieces of the set, the fabric feels soft, comfortable and luxurious, but the fit is still snug and secure - without ever digging into your body (unless you've ordered the wrong size, which would be your fault, given the fact that a sizing table is available). I haven't had "happy accidents" with this set, which shows that it's made to fit nicely and safely onto your body. I understand that some women will be concerned about the "Milos" hiding some skin and making tanning deeply down the cleavage harder; well, this can only be a problem if you live in an area where topless sunbathing is prohibited. I don't have this problem in my area and just go topless anyway. The bandeau deserves to be more popular.

The prices for both these pieces are very good: the "Antiparos" costs €13.80 (€14.60 with metal rings), which translates to roughly $21.7 (or $22.9 with metal rings) with today's equity, while the "Milos" costs €12.90, which today is about $20.3. Now, what can one make of these prices? Well, let's consider the fact that the whole microkini set is handmade to order by a meticulous craftswoman in Greece (as opposed to being mass-produced in a factory somewhere in the middle of nowhere), the available options (which can go beyond the ones you can choose in the online order forms - all you have to do is email Alphamoda and Irini, the designer/maker, will cooperate with you to give a more personal touch to your swimsuit, usually at no extra charge), the low shipping costs and the quality and durability of the product for a bit. If you shopped for an equally well-made swimsuit elsewhere, you could easily have paid double and triple that price. Really, it's good value.

Since I bought it, a year has passed and it hasn't so much as torn a thread, regardless of where I wore it and what I did while wearing it. It's made to easily cope with everyday use on the beach, unlike some other overhyped and overpriced products I've seen (and bought) in the past.

Verdict: Once again, full marks go to Alphamoda for both the product and the service. Very highly recommended.

OK, that's it for today. I'm off to the beach! See you all later!



a_slingshot said...

Hi Danae

Just found your blog and thanks for putting a link to mine. Keep up the good work.

If you were to get a sling which type of design would you get.

Danae Microkini said...

Hi there! Thanks for your kind words. As for slings, I'd either get a specific design I like from Colleen Kelly or something from Malibu Strings.

KD said...

is that u in the pic..u look real hot!!

came here from blogcatalog.

my blog is

Danae Microkini said...

No, that's not me. The photo was taken from Alphamoda's website.