Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I think I've seen this one somewhere before

Today, a friend of mine who subscribes to spanish swimwear manufacturer's mailing list forwarded to me a notification he received of two new designs they launched recently. It's the "assymetric" string and a tank top and you can see them here. I like the sheer fabrics and all, but I really think I've seen the bottom before. Actually... The bottom is almost identical to Alphamoda's "Antiparos". Compare for yourselves:'s newly-launched "Assymetric":

The Alphamoda "Antiparos", launched a few years ago (in 2004, if I remember well):

Are the similarities a coincidence? I think not. Well, I won't go out and say "oooh, look, so-and-so ripped off Alphamoda (or any other brand)". Far be that from me; I've seen it happen in various forums with certain members always aggressively, incessantly, irritatingly and troll-like accusing other companies of copying Wicked Weasel. The similarities between's new design and Alphamoda's "Antiparos", however, are very obvious. And, as much as I like the idea of sheer fabrics, I still prefer Alphamoda's own take, which (a) is the original design, (b) offers many more options as to what the end product will look like (strap color, ring type, backstyle), (c) is made to really good quality standards, (d) I've been very satisfied with Alphamoda's friendly and prompt customer service and (e) Alphamoda's original design costs a good deal less: €13.80 (€14.60 with metal rings) as opposed to's proposition which costs $28 (€18.16). I must say I've yet to buy anything from myself - I've heard words of praise regarding their quality and I've seen a friend of mine in one of their suits; they do look nice, but, as I have no personal experience with them yet, I won't claim their quality is lower, higher than, or equal to Alphamoda's; I believe they're similar in terms of quality. Then again, and assuming that they're both pretty much equal in terms of quality, I can only say that Alphamoda, with its customization options, low shipping costs and lower prices, offers greater value.



Nyktipolos said...

ομοιοτητες ξεομοιοτητες η "ουσια" ειναι μια... οι οφθαλμοι μας θα χαρουν και φετος :))

Danae Microkini said...

Do you really think so? So far, most people still buy into the whole "thongs are for sluts and fags" (and, lately, we've had also women claim that "thongs are for female chauvinist pigs") mentality, which is, of course, stupid and ridiculous.