Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter trip to Bansko, Bulgaria. What a disaster!

OK, this one has nothing to do with microkinis at all - it's strictly about travel and it's all about the hugely overrated ski resort of Bansko in Bulgaria. Me and my boyfriend went there for a few days after New Year's, since it's been touted as a fantastic resort, with serious investments from austrian tourist businesses and endorsements from ski champions for its ski courses. Also, it's cheaper than our own ski resorts.

Well, one thing's for sure: I'm NEVER going back there. Period.


Let me count the reasons:

  1. The roads in the resort are a mess. And to think I always complain about the roads here in Greece. Really, my boyfriend's RAV4 felt like it would fall apart.
  2. Finding our hotel was almost impossible, because there were no signs on its outside to tell us which one it was.
  3. The hotel's outside was a bloody mess, with garbage cans overflowing with their content and litter everywhere - not only outside the hotel, but absolutely everywhere.
  4. The hotel's staff tried to charge us for amenities we NEVER used. Fucking fraudsters.
  5. When we tried to take some snapshots for ourselves, armed goons (so-called "security") immediately showed up and tried to pull shit on us. Like we need this stupid bravado...
Well, after all this shit, I certainly DON'T recommend Bulgaria as a holiday destination to anyone - especially knowing that other people I know have had similar experiences with the tourist "business" in Bansko. No matter how good the ski courses are, a resort that treats the tourist this way doesn't deserve to be on the world tourist map. Avoid Bansko at all costs.