Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Recent developments... And spam

A warm hello to everyone. I know it's been an awfully long time since I last posted an article. Some of you might have felt disillusioned, which is understandable. Truth is, this is a completely amateur blog; this means that I'm in no way affiliated with any company. I just like to wear microkinis, I buy them myself, wear them and write about it. I also write, whenever I feel like it, about vacation destinations I've visited.

Problem is, I haven't really felt like posting much lately. There have been many things going on in my real life that kept me preoccupied, so I had no time to blog (not to mention that I had almost lost my interest in blogging). No, I'm not going to tell you about my real life. It's no one's business anyway.

However, there have been some things I've noticed: a few swimwear companies went the way of the dodo; also, some companies chose to use comment spam software to advertise their websites. This is a disgusting practice. They know who they are. If they do it again, I'll reveal the companies' identities. And we all know that only frauds use spam for their marketing...